Whitehouse Electrical are fully qualified to install all your bathroom electrical needs, from lighting to showers, jacuzzi’s and hot tubs to televisions. Our professional and friendly service will ensure you get safely and correctly planned and installed electrical lighting and equipment to full British Standards of workmanship and safety.

Bathrooms are no longer simply functional washrooms, they are now seen as a showcase for a home or a relaxing sanctuary from busy family life. They are getting bigger and better, with separate showers, oversized tubs, sauna rooms and even televisions.


All electrical circuits within bathrooms must be protected by Residual Current Devices (RCD) not exceeding 30mA. This applies to all electical equipment whether it is controlled a switch in the bathroom or remotely switched.

Equipment for Bathrooms

Electrical equipment may be identified as having a certain level of mechanical and moisture protection. These are quoted as ‘Ingress Protection’ (or IP) numbers – such as ‘IPXY’ (where X and Y are numbers). The X shows the level of mechanical protection and Y shows the level of moisture protection. In both cases, the higher the number, the better the protection. If a piece of equipment does not have an IP number, it must not be used in a wet or damp environment.

Bathroom Zones

For the purposes of installing electrical equipment, a bathroom is divided into zones. The criteria for each zone is based on the risk of electric shock. The zones relate to the IP rating of products and where they can be safely installed.

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